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Heat Pump Myths: Debunked

In this blog, we examined the top ten heat pump myths, analysed them, and thoroughly debunked them. If you were duped by any of these myths but are now interested in having a heat pump installed, call our expert MCS-certified heat pump installers on 07391473964.

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Top 10 Air Source Heat Pump Myths

Myth #1: "Heat pumps are too expensive!" 

Are heat pumps prohibitively expensive? The initial cost of an air source heat pump is not cheap, but with the help of the government's 'boiler upgrade scheme' (BUS), you can save £5,000 on upfront costs right away. That is, you are not only upgrading your heating system, but you are doing so at a significant discount! And if you want to see the pricing for heat pumps, go here; we don't hide our prices!

Myth #2: "Air source heat pumps are extremely loud!" 

Heat pumps are they noisy? When heat pumps first appeared on the market, they were quite noisy and unappealing. Modern air source heat pumps employ the most advanced noise reduction and energy efficiency enhancement technology. To dispel this myth, a heat pump produces around 40 decibels of noise, which is the equivalent of a whisper.

Myth #3: "Heat pumps are inefficient in the winter!" 

Do heat pumps work in the winter? It's reasonable to assume, based on the name, that heat pumps only work when it's hot. This is not the case; despite its name, a heat pump does not require hot air to function; instead, it requires the surrounding air to be warmer than -26 degrees. That's right, it'll work in temperatures as low as -26 degrees. It's no coincidence that Sweden has the highest percentage of heat pumps in the world. They'd be crazy to put one in almost every home if they didn't work in the cold.

Myth #4: "Heat pumps must always be turned on!" 

Do heat pumps have to be turned on all the time? If your home is properly insulated and your Heat Pump is properly installed. This means you'll be able to turn it on and off whenever you see fit. The difference is that heat pumps gradually heat your house, allowing you to maintain your desired temperature rather than having your house's temperature fluctuate constantly.

Myth #5: "Heat pumps can only be used for underfloor heating!"

Is it true that heat pumps can only be used for underfloor heating? When connected to an underfloor heating system, a heat pump becomes more efficient. Many homes, however, use heat pumps with radiators rather than underfloor heating. It is recommended that you use large radiators rather than traditional ones to get the most out of your air source heat pump. Click here to learn more about underfloor heating and how to keep your feet warm.

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Myth #6: "Heat pumps can only be installed in new builds!" 

A heat pump can be installed in any home, from an old Victorian to a brand new modern home. When it comes to older houses, a heat loss report is usually required, as well as improvements to the house's insulation.

Myth #7: "Heat pumps occupy a lot of room!"

Do heat pumps occupy a lot of room? On the contrary, because the majority of a heat pump's components are hidden from view and the actual unit is located outside. As a result, it takes up the same amount of space as a standard heating system. In fact, it takes up no space at all when compared to biomass systems. 

Myth #8: "Heat pumps are only used for heating!" 

Are Heat Pumps solely for heating? Heat pumps can be used to provide both heating and cooling. Heat pumps have a reversing valve, which means that the process is reversed. When turned, it will cool rather than heat. This, however, only applies to air-to-air heat pumps and not air-to-water heat pumps. 

Myth #9: "A heat pump requires regular maintenance!" 

When it comes to heat pumps, the phrase "install it and forget it" applies! Because heat pumps do not use fossil fuels, they will not suddenly stop working, leaving you without heat for four days. In comparison to boilers, heat pumps only require a service every two years. 

Myth #10: "Heat pumps are a waste of money!" 

Is it a waste of money to invest in heat pumps? Heat pumps can save you up to 60% on your heating bill. Another important consideration when calculating the cost of an ASHP installation is the amount you can save right now! The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is a government-backed incentive that cuts your upfront costs by £5,000 right away. So you're not only upgrading your heating system, but you're doing so at a significant discount!

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