Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Clean Heat Solutions offer expert air source heat pump installation throughout West Sussex, Hampshire, Portsmouth & Southampton

Clean Heat Solutions Limited are your local renewable heating experts passionate about bringing environmentally friendly solutions to homes in West Sussex & Hampshire including Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester, Petersfield, Midhurst, Haslemere, Havant, Hayling Island and Bognor Regis. To find out more about getting an air source heat pump installed in your home call Clean Heat Solutions Limited on 07391473964

(The Boiler Upgrade Scheme Explained)

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

You might have read in the news about the new boiler upgrade scheme but what actually is it? Well, homeowners or businesses will receive a grant of £7,500 for installing an air source heat pump.  As an MCS accredited installer, Clean Heat Solutions will administer the grant with Ofgem on your behalf, and deduct the full grant amount from your quotation. In this way, the amount you pay upfront for your heat pump will be much closer to the amount you would pay for a traditional fossil fuel system, making it easier for you to access the significant carbon savings and running cost savings.

Why Choose an Air Source Heat Pump? 

One of the most appealing features of air source heat pumps is that they protect homeowners from fluctuations in energy prices. Air Source Heat pumps operate by utilising the natural environment; as a result, you are no longer reliant on fossil fuels to keep your home warm and toasty, and you are much less vulnerable to the ever-increasing costs of heating bills. An air-source heat pump is a cost-effective alternative to a ground source heat pump and is best suited for homes or buildings with limited space.

Air source heat pumps are renewable energy systems that extract heat from the air to provide a complete solution for domestic hot water distribution, which can be distributed via underfloor heating systems or traditional radiators as needed. If your current heating system is old or is costing you a lot of money in bills, an air source heat pump can save you hundreds of pounds in annual operating costs with minimal installation disruption. 

Our heating engineers at Clean Heat Solutions cover all of West Sussex & Hampshire and are proud to offer you a variety of high-quality air source heat pumps based on your needs. If you're looking for an air source heat pump installation get a quote from our Gas Safe heating engineers today. Or for a complete heating system overhaul why not take a look at our heating system design services and let a certified heat geek take care of your heating. 

(Heat Pump Myths Debunked

How do air source heat pumps work? 

Air source heat pumps harness heat from the air and transfer it into usable heat for your home. A well-installed air source heat pump requires as low as a fourth of the energy to power when compared to the heat output for use in your home. This means that air source heat pumps can be extremely energy efficient and provide big savings to your overall heating cost. 

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Air source heat pumps are effective even when it's cold outside and can function well up to temperatures as low as -15°C. For more information on how air source heat pumps work, check out the video below from the Energy Savings Trust

How do air source heat pumps compare to traditional heating?

Modern traditional gas boilers run at about 90% efficiency. Air source heat pumps run at a staggering 300% efficiency due to the low amount of power it takes to operate. 

With the additional option of powering your air source heat pumps using renewable electrical technologies such as solar panels - there are even more opportunities to save. 

Renewables are the future

Regulations and incentives to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions mean that there is a big push for the adoption of renewable technologies such as air source heat pumps in UK homes. 

The UK aims to reduce carbon emissions to zero and part of this plan is the phasing out of gas boilers that operate on fossil fuels and produce a comparatively large amount of carbon emissions. 

Part of the plan is the industry moving away from gas boilers by 2025 - making the investment in air source heat pumps a future proof one. 

Earn your investment back with Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) 

>RHI is a government incentive for the adoption of renewable heating solutions in homes and means that you could receive a quarterly payment based on a percentage of the heat that you produce for your home. For a large household, you could receive thousands of pounds during the 7 year period whilst you are receiving RHI. 

Use the Government calculator to find out how much money you could get through the Renewable Heat Incentive if you install renewable heat technology in your home:

Air Source Heat Pump

Why choose our expert heat pump installers?

Clean Heat Solutions Limited is dedicated to providing green heating solutions to our customers and is a specialist in air source heat pumps. Our heating engineers hold a number of accreditations and memberships, providing us the skills and knowledge to provide you with the greatest air source heat pump installations possible. 

Our heating engineers are Gas Safe Registered, which means they have had extensive training to carry out all gas repairs or replacements to the highest industry standard and lawfully. Our heating engineers have also completed a mastery course in efficient heating design with heat geeks. Allowing us to offer our geeky heating knowledge of air source heat pumps for your installation.

The renewable energy consumer code specifies stringent consumer protection rules for businesses that sell or lease renewable energy-producing devices to residential consumers. We have demonstrated that we adhere to the highest standards in our renewable projects by being a member of the RECC.

Not only do our heating engineers have a range of accreditations and qualifications our heating engineers also have great reviews. Take a look at what our previous customers have to say on our reviews page.  Or if you'd like to see some of our previous renewable heating projects from across West Sussex & Hampshire take a look at our gallery!

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Find out about air source heat pump installation in your home in West Sussex & Hampshire

Clean Heat Solutions Limited go beyond simple installation of air source heat pumps - we make sure that your heating system is working at its most efficient and design effective heating systems for your home in West Sussex, Hampshire, Portsmouth & Southampton. 

To book an air source heat pump installation in West Sussex, Hampshire, Portsmouth or Southampton, call Clean Heat Solutions Limited on 07391473964 or write to us online via our contact page

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