Air Source Heat Pump Costs

How much is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pump

We understand how annoying it may be to try to find a price for an Air Source Heat Pump because few websites seem to explain it.

Here, we attempt to provide the best answer possible.

First, we'll give you an idea of what's involved. Depending on the size and specifications, an Air Source Heat Pump might cost between £12,000 and £17,000. However, that is only a portion of what you will require for a successful installation. The installation of an ASHP heating system is not as simple as simply replacing your existing oil or LPG boiler. An ASHP installation can involve increasing the size of the radiators but not always if in doubt get in touch with expert heat pump installers using the button at the bottom of the page

Another crucial consideration when calculating the cost of an ASHP installation is the money you can save right now! The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is a government-backed incentive that cuts your upfront expenditures by £7,500 right away. So you're not only updating your heating system, but you're doing so at a significant savings!


Traditional boiler systems operate at a higher flow temperature than ASHP systems. This means that the current radiators and hot water cylinder may need to be replaced with larger surface area models to allow the heat generated by the ASHP to efficiently heat your home and hot water.

Ignoring this will result in an inefficient system that will cost a small fortune to operate and will struggle to heat the home. As a result, updating the radiators and hot water cylinder is an important element of the overall installation cost.

The cost of installing an ASHP includes not only the materials but also the labour required to complete the work. The installation could take between 6 and 10 days, depending on the size of the house. From the initial site survey we will be able to recommend the size of your heat pump and provide you with a free no-obligation estimate. Following the accepted quote our expert heat pump installer will carry out in-depth heat loss survey of the property to determine, the size of the radiators required & confirm the size of the air source pump. In most circumstances, old piping can be reused after being flushed and cleaned, but if it cannot, replacing it might add to the cost.

Reusing existing pipes infrastructure reduces disruption, which means that in most situations, floorboards will not need to be pulled up to access the pipework. However, depending on the complexity of the job, we can relocate radiators to other locations in a room, or install underfloor heating.

Air Source Heat Pump
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Self New Builds & Extensions

It should be noted that new build properties are not eligible for the BUS Scheme unless they are self-new builds.

Installing an ASHP heating and hot water system as part of a self new build or extension project is the ideal solution. The installation should take place during the first fix.

Because of its larger surface area than radiators, an ASHP is suited for use with underfloor heating. In this situation, we would install the underfloor heating system as well as the hot water system.

When the underfloor heating system is embedded in concrete screed, the screeding is completed by the building contractor after the underfloor heating system is installed. This is in addition to the cost of installing the ASHP.


There is an almost endless list of options for new builds and extensions, all of which have an influence on the price.

In the case of an extension, the new part of the house could have underfloor heating while the existing house gets modern, efficient, and appropriately sized radiators. It is quite possible to mix and match rooms or floors.

Price guide

The average cost of a turn-key retrofit installation would be roughly £12,000-15,000 inc. 0% VAT.

The average cost of a turn-key installation for a new build would be roughly £9000-12,000 inc. 0% VAT.

Please contact us for an accurate estimate and to discuss all of your options. We'll be pleased to go over everything with you over the phone.