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Modernise your home with a heat pump

As gas prices rise you may be looking to modernise your home with a heat pump to move away from fossil fuels, especially with the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme. At Clean Heat Solutions, we've asked our heat pump installers to put together a guide on how you can modernise your home with a heat pump

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Heat pumps are a versatile solution that can provide both heating and hot water, in addition to cooling your living spaces. These systems harness environmental heat, which can be sourced from the air, water, or the ground.

Exploring Heat Pump Options for Your Home

Clean Heat Solutions specialises in installing heat pumps tailored to various energy sources. One standout option is the air-to-water heat pump, which offers a superb way to enhance your heating setup. These heat pumps are not only easy to install outdoors but also come with budget-friendly upfront costs.

Transitioning from a conventional gas heating system to a sustainable heat pump can bring about significant environmental and economic advantages. Heat pumps have the potential to boost your home's energy efficiency by as much as 250 per cent, customising your energy consumption to your specific needs. This not only translates to reduced future energy expenses but also contributes to a greener environment. However, before the heat pump installation, certain preparations are essential.

Types of Heat Pumps 

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps extract heat from the outdoor air and transfer it into your home. They are cost-effective and suitable for moderate climates.

Ground Source Heat Pumps 

Geothermal heat pumps use the stable temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home efficiently. While they have a higher upfront cost, they offer substantial long-term energy savings.

Consultation for Optimal Heat Pump Selection

Your journey towards a more energy-efficient home begins with a consultation with a Clean Heat Solutions heat pump installer, who can also oversee the heating system replacement. Collaboratively, you and your heat pump installer can determine the most suitable heat pump type for your residence, taking into account factors such as your home's structure, your family's lifestyle, and any unique requirements you may have. This choice significantly influences the nature and extent of the modernization process.

Efficient Installation Timelines

The installation of an air-source heat pump typically spans one to two days, making it a swift and efficient choice. In contrast, ground source and water source heat pump installations may extend to three to four days due to the necessary excavation and drilling work.

By making a well-informed choice and partnering with Clean Heat Solutions, you can embark on a journey to not only improve your home's comfort but also contribute positively to the environment and your long-term financial savings.

Advantages of modernising with a heat pump

 Reduce your heating costs significantly. 

Profit from low operating costs as a result of using free environmental energy.

 Enjoy three types of comfort: heating, hot water, and, in some cases, cooling. 

All year, regardless of the outside temperature, set your own comfortable temperature.

 Boiler Upgrade Scheme 

The BUS is a government programme that encourages the use of renewable heating by providing homeowners with grants available for heat pump installations.

 Financial security due to independence 

Being independent of fossil energy prices means that there will be fewer surprises for you in terms of price fluctuations.

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