Ground Source Heat Pumps in Portsmouth

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Clean Heat Solutions is a Portsmouth-based company that installs and services high-efficiency ground source heat pumps.

Clean Heat Solutions Limited provides full ground source heat pump installation in Portsmouth. Our heat pump engineers are renewable energy experts committed to making home heating more energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial. Call Clean Heat Solutions Limited at 07391473964 if you need a ground source heat pump installation in Portsmouth. 

Ground Source Heat Pumps in Portsmouth

What are ground-source heat pumps? 

Despite their high cost, ground source heat pumps are the most efficient heat pumps available and provide a realistic and effective heating solution for medium to larger households. Prices will soon decline as the industry gathers traction, we predict. Earth source heat pumps extract heat from the ground in your garden and transfer it to your home. 

Our heat pump installers install underground pipes carefully positioned in your landscaping as part of a Clean Heat Solutions Limited installation to absorb heat energy for utilisation in your house. These loops are strategically placed to increase the efficiency of your heating system. 

What is the operation of Ground Source Heat Pumps?

A Ground Source Heat Pump gathers solar energy, stores it in the ground, and controls your entire home's heating and hot water demand. Loops of pipe are put in the ground at a depth of around one metre to install a Ground Source Heat Pump. 

The temperature on Earth here remains consistent year-round, ranging between 8 and 12 degrees. There is significant cost savings potential, but you must select a heat pump that is appropriate for your property. Ground Source Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly and comfortable heating option for larger homes with more outdoor space. If you have a smaller property, you can learn more about air source heat pumps today. 

(For further information, see How Do Heat Pumps Work.

Why should you hire our Portsmouth heat pump installers? 

Clean Heat Solutions Limited is a ground source heat pump specialist dedicated to offering ecologically friendly heating solutions to our customers. Our heating professionals hold a variety of accreditations and memberships, allowing us to give you the best air source heat pump installations possible. 

- Gas Safe Registered
- RECC Member
- MCS Certified
- Heat Geek Mastery Training
- NAPIT Approved

Our heating specialists are not only accredited and certified, but they also come highly recommended. On our reviews page, you may read what former customers had to say about us. Alternatively, you may go through our gallery to see some of our most recent Hampshire sustainable heating projects! 

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Clean Heat Solutions Limited does more than simply install air source heat pumps; we also analyse your heating system and design energy-efficient heating solutions for your Portsmouth house. To schedule a ground source heat pump installation in Portsmouth, contact Clean Heat Solutions Limited at 07391473964 or fill out our contact form.

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