Heat Pump Installer in Portsmouth

Expert Heat Pump Installer in Portsmouth

Looking for an MCS accredited heat pump installer in Portsmouth to install a ground source or air source heat pump in your home? 

Clean Heat Solutions Limited is a team of heat pump installers who provide complete ground source & air source heat pump installations in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. Our heat pump installers in Portsmouth are renewable energy experts who are passionate about making home heating more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. If you want to install a ground source or air source heat pump in Portsmouth, call Clean Heat Solutions Limited at 07391473964.

Heat Pump Installers in Portsmouth

Take advantage of the boiler upgrade scheme in Portsmouth

You may have heard about a new boiler upgrade scheme in the news, but what exactly is it? Homeowners and businesses who install a heat pump will receive a grant of £7,500. As an MCS-accredited heat pump installer, Clean Heat Solutions will administer the grant on your behalf with Ofgem and deduct the full grant amount from your quotation. As a result, the initial cost of your heat pump will be much closer to that of a traditional fossil fuel system, making it easier to realise the significant carbon savings and operating cost savings.

Why should you buy a heat pump in Portsmouth? 

One of the most appealing features of heat pumps is that they protect homeowners from fluctuations in energy prices. Heat pumps use the natural environment to operate; as a result, you are no longer reliant on fossil fuels to keep your home warm and cosy, and you are significantly less vulnerable to rising heating costs. Clean Heat Solutions' heat pump installers cover the entire Portsmouth area and are happy to provide you with a selection of high-quality heat pumps based on your needs. 

If you need heat pump installation, get a quote from our MCS-certified heat pump installers. Consider our heating system design services for a complete overhaul of your heating system and let a certified heat expert handle your heating.

Why should you work with our experienced heat pump installers in Portsmouth? 

Clean Heat Solutions Limited is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly heating options to our customers and is an expert in air source heat pumps. Our heat pump installers are certified and members of several organisations, allowing us to provide you with the best air source heat pump installations possible. 

Our Portsmouth heat pump installers are Gas Safe Registered, which means they've had extensive training to perform all gas repairs and replacements in accordance with the highest industry standards and the law. In addition, our heat pump installers have completed a heat geeks mastery course in efficient heating design. The renewable energy consumer code establishes strict consumer protection rules for companies that sell or lease residential renewable energy-generating devices. 

Being a member of the RECC demonstrates that our renewable energy projects meet the highest standards. Our heat pump installers not only have a variety of certifications and qualifications but also have great reviews. Read what our previous customers have to say about us on our reviews page. Alternatively, you can view some of our previous renewable heating installations in Portsmouth by visiting our gallery. 

Clean Heat Solutions Limited provides more than just heat pump installation; we ensure that your heating system is operating at peak efficiency and design efficient heating systems for your Portsmouth home. To schedule an air source heat pump installation in Portsmouth, please contact Clean Heat Solutions Limited at 07391473964 or via our contact page.

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