Heat Pump Installer in Southampton

Heat Pump Installations in Southampton

Clean Heat Solutions expertly instals heat pumps in Southampton and the surrounding areas. Clean Heat Solutions Limited is a Southampton-based company dedicated to offering ecologically friendly heating solutions. 

To discover more about installing a heat pump in your Southampton house, call Clean Heat Solutions Limited at 07391473964

(Overview of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme)

Heat Pump Installer in Southampton

Take advantage of the boiler upgrade scheme in Southampton

You may have heard about a new boiler upgrade scheme in the news, but what is it exactly? Homeowners and businesses who install a heat pump can receive a payment of £7,500.   Clean Heat Solutions, as an MCS-accredited heat pump installer, will handle the award on your behalf with Ofgem and deduct the whole grant money from your quotation. As a result, the initial cost of your heat pump will be significantly lower than that of a standard fossil fuel system, making it easier to realise the large carbon savings and operating cost savings.

Why should you get a heat pump installed in Southampton? 

One of the most tempting aspects of heat pumps is that they shield homeowners from price fluctuations in energy. Heat pumps operate by utilising the natural environment; as a consequence, you are no longer reliant on fossil fuels to keep your home warm and cosy, and you are significantly less sensitive to rising heating expenditures. 

Clean Heat Solutions' heating professionals cover the entire county of Southampton and are delighted to provide you with a range of high-quality heat pumps based on your requirements. Get an estimate from our MCS-certified heat pump experts if you need heat pump installation. Consider our heating system design services for a comprehensive overhaul of your heating system and leave your heating to a skilled heat pump technician.

Why should you select our Southampton heat pump installation specialists? 

Clean Heat Solutions Limited is committed to providing environmentally friendly heating solutions to our customers, and we are experts in air source and ground source heat pumps. Our heat pump installers are certified and members of many organisations, allowing us to provide the best air source heat pump installations possible. 

Our heat pump installers are Gas Safe Registered, which means they have received extensive training in order to handle any gas repairs and replacements in accordance with industry best practices and the law. Our heating professionals have also completed a heat geeks mastery course in optimal heating design. 

The renewable energy consumer commission imposes stringent consumer protection requirements on businesses that sell or lease residential renewable energy-generating devices. Being a member of the RECC ensures that our renewable energy projects satisfy the most stringent standards. 

Not only do our heat pump installers have a variety of certificates and qualifications, but they also have excellent feedback. On our reviews page, you may read what former & current customers have to say about us. Alternatively, you may view some of our most recent Southampton sustainable heating projects in our gallery.

Contact an experienced Southampton heat pump installer. 

Clean Heat Solutions Limited does more than simply install heat pumps; we also ensure that your heating system is operating at peak performance and create energy-efficient heating solutions for your Southampton home. 

Please contact Clean Heat Solutions Limited at 07391473964 or via our contact page to organise a heat pump installation in Southampton.

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