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Are you searching for a Hampshire home or business energy source that is both affordable and sustainable? Installing solar panels is the only solution! At Clean Heat Solutions, we offer Hampshire and the surrounding areas high-quality solar panel installation services.

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The significance of solar panel installation

Selecting a qualified and experienced installation firm is essential if you're thinking of installing solar panels on your Hampshire property. Here are some explanations for why hiring a pro for installation is crucial:


Working with electrical components while installing solar panels is risky if done incorrectly. Your system can be installed securely and successfully by a qualified solar panel installation business.


Your solar panel system must be installed properly in order to function successfully and efficiently. Your panels may be installed accurately and in the best location to receive the most sunlight by using a reputable installation firm.


The majority of solar panel producers provide guarantees for their goods. If the panels are placed improperly, these guarantees might not be valid. A qualified installation business can guarantee that your panels are placed properly and that your warranty is still in effect.

Code Compliance

Building codes and standards must be followed during solar panel installation. Your system will be guaranteed to comply with all essential codes and regulations by a seasoned installation company.

Our team of professionals at Clean Heat Solutions has years of expertise in installing solar panels in Hampshire. We are devoted to offering our clients top-notch installation services that satisfy their particular energy requirements.

Factors Before Installing Solar Panels

There are a number of things you should take into account before deciding to put solar panels on your property:

Roof suitability

Your property's roof needs to be suitable for mounting solar panels. In order to hold the weight of the panels, it must be strong enough, and it must get enough sunshine throughout the day.

Demands for energy

You should think about your energy requirements and the amount of electricity your solar panel system should produce. The size and kind of solar panel system you require will be determined by this.


It's crucial to think about your budget and the potential return on investment in the form of energy savings over time because installing solar panels can be a big expenditure.


Incentives are provided by the UK government to promote the use of renewable energy sources like solar panels. You should learn more about these incentives and how they can lower the cost of installing solar panels in your home.

Solar panel maintenance and repair

Solar panels need routine maintenance just like any other electrical system does to keep them operating successfully and efficiently. Your solar panel system's lifespan can be increased with routine maintenance. The following are some typical solar panel maintenance and repair tasks:


Solar panels' efficiency can decrease if dirt, dust, and other debris build-up on their surface. Your solar panels' performance can be maximised by performing routine cleaning.


Your solar panel system can be regularly inspected to assist in finding any flaws or difficulties early on before they worsen. A qualified solar panel technician can examine your setup and make recommendations for any modifications or repairs that are required.


You might need to get your solar panel system repaired if it is not functioning properly. Typical repairs include repairing or replacing damaged panels, faulty wiring, or inverters.

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